Heart Prints and Patterns

What comes in just about every color with little hearts all-over?!

This week’s post on Heart Prints and Patterns!

The most-loved items include a variety of heart printed patterns such adorable maroon and white heart sweater pictured below. Fotor041722464

Yet with the weather warming up, the adorable blue jean shorts featured above are ideal for a summer day, in every way! Available on eBay for $35.78 (though only in a size large) through the following link:




022bb2874f08e95477ac0a6bff90e4cf 88d7575973765b9f1b252e7b304f8a93 619af6b545d1f7f411b3c87c2d9638f5 6014dac2ca75498e711d909797688d1e ad230166eaabb8ae28e774e3eb6f76c8   595f99d21092c9bfb98f7b846a9b2e51   cdf5b4bf7af6c1d6ea05458607219f7a


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