Vintage Heart Hats

Humorous and whimsical elegance, or whatever your chosen inspiration; A vintage, or vintage-inspired yet modern hat can be the perfect element to complete your look.


Comedienne Lucille Ball, from the beloved television show I ♥ Lucy had several heart-shaped hats that were truly show stoppers. She wore one in particular in the photo pictured above during a scene in the 1947 film ”Her Husband’s Affairs”. Her humor and elegance are embraced in this look that can be emulated by anyone

The photo below featuring a stunning large feather heart hat from 1940’s “Too Many Girls”, was the first film in which Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez appeared together.


Perhaps your style is more of the the 1960s inspired beaded pillbox heart hat or a 1970s floppy hat with tiny heart-shaped cutouts. Maybe you are a fan of the contemporary shiny heart shape with the arrow, or red satin rosettes and black netting…

Whichever vintage inspiration you choose one day, you are sure to find a heart shaped hat that turns heads your way!
















Screenshot 2014-04-19 16.38.41



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