The Mark of a Heart.

What does the mark of a heart mean to you?


Some people have chosen for their mark to be in the form of a permanent heart. Many of these marks mean more than meets the eye, leading us to ask ourselves: What do these symbols of love stand for or for whom?
For most, we will never know the true meaning behind the mark; But for a few featured, such as the one below, we will hear the reasoning for their mark of a heart.


The above photo was provided by a friend of a friend named Jesse Davis. His unique heart tattoo was inspired by the love that Jesse has for his mother. It incorporates a classic pink “Sailor Jerry Heart” inside an actual human heart, filled with the bold, red color of blood.
He even said himself, “It’s like when people say they wear their heart on their sleeve…well I do”. (I bet Jesse would love the heart-shaped patches post!)


These ladies show off their subtle symbols of love. A small heart behind the ear or on the back of the neck can be life’s little reminder to forever live in love.


For those individuals that wish to embody a truly human heart (like Jesse’s), anatomically-correct hearts are becoming more popular these days to symbolize the purpose and meaning of human heart in all it’s complexity.








This last mark of a heart is my personal favorite; especially for the love and bond that it symbolizes between these two individuals. Maybe my special someone and I will get this done one day ♥


Screenshot 2014-04-19 16.38.41


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