Heart & Sole


Whether you are a bride adding hearts to the bottom of your wedding shoes or you like the simple design of heart shaped flats, this sweet and subtle fashion is loved by many women these days.


This fashion trend can be outrageous or cute. But at the same time it gives your whole outfit a playful, sweet feel. These shoes will fill your heart and sole with joy the second you step into them!




Check out these darling heart crochet sandals through the following link:



If you prefer a more retro style then check out these sassy heart-shaped pumps on eBay through the following link:


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The comfy Toms pictured above show off a little of your fun-loving and laid back side. But the best part is, buying a pair helps support a good cause!

Check out the TOMS mission to help give shoes to those that need them most by checking out their website: www.toms.com A pair of these will definitely nourish your heart and sole (:

Screenshot 2014-04-19 16.38.41


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