It was love at first sight…

Heart shaped sunglasses can add a fun, playful touch to any outfit. They are a perfect accessory to lovin’ up your wardrobe.
This style of shade became popularized after being featured in the 1962 film adaptation of the controversial classic novel Lolita. In the film, a middle-age college professor becomes infatuated with the 14-year-old temptress, Lolita, as pictured below in her iconic heart-shaped sunglasses. 
With the sun shining this summer, sporting some of these heart-shaped sunglasses will definitely show your love for this style of shades and anyone looking in your direction.  
There is a large variety of heart-shaped sunglasses on the market right now. You can practically find any pair that best fits your own personal style preference. From the ultra-modern black shades pictured below to the classic red heart sunglasses made popular by Lolita, choose which ever pair you fall in love with at first sight. One thing is for sure, everyone will fall in love with this look! 



Check out this stylin’ feline in these precious kitty-sized heart-shaped sunglasses!


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