Welcome to the I ♥ Fashion Blog!

So now that this fascination with hearts has become an obsession, I have chosen my love for these little v’s and m’s to serve as the inspiration for the I ♥ Fashion blog. 


Recently my friend and fashionista, Chelsie Hamner, gave me Drew Barrymore’s newest book of heart shaped things called Find It In Everything. Considering my absolute love for finding hearts in everything, it was inspiring to see that I’m not the only one looking for love in everyday situations.

It was undoubtedly the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me and I love her for it. Chelsie has taught me more about fashion than I could possibly imagine and I am so thankful for that! This girl has no problem running her own boutique and YouTube channel with tons of tutorials for DIY projects, makeup tips and tricks, and fashion advice, with a focus on plus size women. Follow the link below to learn more. 


Also, if you are ever looking for some lovely ladies clothing at a good price, for all shapes and sizes; Visit her at the top-rated Lady Day’s Boutique in Northport, AL.: 


You may even spot me sporting some Lady Day’s fashions on their Facebook page like the one below (:

Over the next few months, I ♥ Fashion will feature heart-inspired styles, several DIY projects you’ll love, and a few tidbits of love-related literature along the way. Stay tuned for these looks from Lindsay! I can’t you heartly wait! 
Screenshot 2014-04-19 16.38.41

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